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HANDICRAFT STORE: We produce Garments 100% Handmade

horarios de atención  LUN-SAB: 08:30am - 07:30pm | DOM: 8:30am - 06:00pm



Artisanal manufacture

Manufacture garments for orders, customers can choose colors, fabrics and carvings, embroidery and crochet yarns acedados. Wholesale prices. Our styles range according to fashion and season the country. We offer dresses, costumes, skirts etc.


Handicraft Store

Our selling handicrafts complements the textile area of ​​the store. Ecological sell crafts like necklaces made with seeds and wood. We also have crafts made from materials with materials of clay and wood, also we have traditional crafts such as masks and gigantonas addition to comfortable hammocks among many other things



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Permanent Discounts

On Sundays we have a 30% discount on all clothing such as dresses, skirts, pants, blouses, costumes, ketones, gowns, party dresses, etc.

Artisanal Manufacture of Garments

- Craft Clothing: costumes, robes, ketones, blouses, skirts, pants (with embroidery)

- Apparel: dresses, blouses, costumes and traditional dresses.

If you do not have time to withdraw a request it took the door of his house. Also if you are in another department interlocal we sent you.


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